Why CPX?


Who We are

On paper, CPX is a privately-owned Pacific Northwest-based expert in commercial, multifamily and manufactured housing investment real estate. In person, we’re a close-knit family of data-diving, idea-sharing, relationship-loving people. In practice, we deliver superior outcomes built on an Open Concept platform and a stronger will to win.



We seek to be recognized by you as the best-prepared and most productive partner you can imagine. We see you enjoying an excellent outcome from your transaction experience with us. And we look forward to earning a long and strong relationship going forward.



There’s a good outcome out there. Be ready. By all working together, we’ll make great things happen.


The Intangibles

When you’re looking to pick a partner, factor in attitude. Street smarts. Ground game. Knowing what’s probable versus possible. That’s the essence of us versus them. Modern technology levels the playing field, and we focus on getting things done. Driving every street. Sharing every bit of news. Wasting no time chasing unicorns. See why so many satisfied clients come back to us down the road.



At CPX, there is no "me." Our Open Concept Brokerage is revolutionary. We hold ourselves to around 200 relationships per broker (in an industry where people selfishly hope to cover 1000+). We work together 100%, sharing knowledge and relationships as one aligned team, versus a group of individual brokers. This gives you more personal attention, plus the most meaningful access, broadest coverage, and greatest consideration for your property.