Evan Mcleod

Broker (Multi family)
"To present creative solutions, go above and beyond."

People first is always my mentality, building relationships has always been my focus. That is the foundation of a good team which is why I joined CPX. We are not your traditional brokerage, we are always thinking outside the box. I am always working to be one step ahead for my clients which is the “M.O.” of this company. CPX is a forward-thinking company which allows us to provide unparalleled outcomes. We use our collaborative platform to have the greatest impact and consistently outperform.

Growing up in a real estate family my path was set at an early age. I quickly gained a passion for helping others create wealth through real estate investing. I am a student of the industry, always looking to learn, share, and take one step further. No deal passes by without a new lesson being learned.

When I am not out in the field you can find me golfing, attending sporting events, and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

To present creative solutions, go above and beyond.