Sean Mack

Partner (Commercial)
"Everything great starts from a strong foundation."

I am obsessed with the criterion channel. I read the “top 10 list” every week hoping a new director will post his or her top ten movies of all time. Movies are the perfect culmination of art, sound, and visuals. I love starting with a director’s films and work backwards to watch their influences, from Altman and Cassavetes, or Beineix and Tarkovsky. So many great works of art start with the past.

So what does this have to do with brokerage? My business starts simple. Call, email, keep in touch, share information of interest, and take good notes. Technology will never win over hard work, but technology AND hard work are a winning combination. Two decades of making connections with clients has built a strong foundation of relationships that is the scaffolding for great outcomes. I’m proud of my history and my ability to provide value and results for my clients.

I like True Grit. Damn good movie. The original that is.

Everything great starts from a strong foundation.